BLUE LINE Magazine: “Mohawk College Launches Psycho-Social Criminology Course”

β€œPeople undoubtedly have a fascination with β€˜evil’ and extreme criminal behaviour. Part of this fascination stems from a desire to understand the criminal mind. In our unique course, we bring Steve’s expertise in organized crime and my expertise in the psychopathic mind to give students a unique glimpse into the complex issues underlying the extreme criminal mind.”

Dr. K. Costello, Mohawk College

From the April 2019 issue of Canada’s Blue Line Magazine:

Cece Luppino Gunned Down at His Parents’ Mountain Brow Home

“The power vacuum and the void in the city (Hamilton) is widening.”

Stephen METELSKY, a criminology professor at Mohawk College who spent 21 years with Halton police, including working in organized crime.

Story by Nicole O’Reilly, Hamilton Spectator, Feb 1, 2019

Man Whose Family Has Ties to Mob Shot Dead in Hamilton

“I think there’s an unfair stigmatization that because he has the last name, because there’s the bloodlines, there’s an assumption everybody makes that they’re all involved, but that’s not always completely accurate at all.”

Stephen METELSKY, an organized crime expert and former Halton regional police officer who now teaches at Mohawk College.

Story by Nicole Thompson, Canadian Press, Feb 2, 2019:

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