ON POINT with Alex PIERSON – Global News Radio Interview: We Pull Back the Veil on the Underworld

Discussing my new book UNDERCOVER with Alex PIERSON on February 11, 2021

Radio Interview segment with Alex PIERSON. The LINK to the Full Interview [starts at 31:30] below:


“It’s such a volatile career path, but nonetheless – fascinating. You get an inside look and inside information.”

Global News reporter Alex PIERSON commenting on the book UNDERCOVER

Mornings with SIMI: Global News Radio Interview 980 CKNW [Vancouver, B.C.]

Radio segment with Simi SARA on April 9, 2021: talking about my new book: UNDERCOVER

LINK to the Full Interview:


“The introduction to your story was so fascinating. True stories that will blow your mind. I sense a Netflix series here because I would watch that docuseries for sure.”

Radio host Simi SARA

CHCH MORNING LIVE Interview: Working “Undercover” – with Annette Hamm

I spoke with CHCH News Anchor Annette HAMM about my book UNDERCOVER on a segment of CH Morning Live on April 23, 2021. LINK to the full interview:


“This is a fascinating book.”

CH Morning Live News Anchor Annette HAMM

PODCAST: Dr. Carlos Show, Episode #8: Intense Undercover Stories with Stephen Metelsky

Dr. Carlos VAZQUEZ Podcast Interview – March 12, 2021

LINK to the Full PODCAST Interview:


“They are fascinating stories [in Undercover].”

Dr. Carlos VAZQUEZ

COPFATHER PODCAST: Episode #14: Undercover Operators Should Be The Ones Winning Oscars

Podcast Interview with Craig BROMELL – April 1, 2021

To access the COPFATHER PODCASTS click the above photo for the direct link.

“A very exciting book with some great stories.”


BEHIND THE CRIMES: How undercover police work put an end to Para-Dice Riders

Story by: Melanie HENNESSEY – April 22, 2021 [Inside Halton]

Story by Inside Halton Reporter: Melanie HENNESSEY [based on excerpt from my book #Undercover]

“It really is like casting a movie because an undercover play is one big acting job. The only difference is, you have one shot to do it.”

Stephen METELSKY [Author of Undercover]

To view/read Melanie HENNESSEY’s story via the Toronto Star – click on the above picture for the direct link.

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