Undercover Cop Blues – TORONTO SUN

Link: https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/undercover-cop-blues-new-book-details-danger-daring?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1629654750

“Metelsky has written a chilling new book that chronicles some of the most harrowing police undercover operations in Canadian and U.S. history.Β EntitledΒ Undercover: Stories from the Underworld of Law Enforcement, Metelsky interviews some of the most legendary investigators who are pulling back the curtain on the dark side. A great read.”

Toronto SUN crime writer Brad HUNTER

Out of the Cold – Cold Case file #8 [Blue Line Magazine]

Photo of Tammy RINGEL [Photo: courtesy of RINGEL family]

Tammy RINGEL would have turned 50 in 2021. For the past 49 years her parents have lived in anguish since she was tragically struck in her stroller by a hit-and-run driver in Owen Sound, Ontario. Full story in my ‘Out of the Cold’ column in the August/September issue of #BlueLineMagazine.

Link to story here: https://www.blueline.ca/out-of-the-cold-file-8-owen-sound-police-fatal-hit-and-run-of-one-year-old-remains-unsolved/

Blue Line Magazine “OFF THE SHELF” Book Review of #Undercover [Aug/Sep 2021 Issue]

As a cold case columnist with Blue Line magazine, my book #UNDERCOVER was featured in the book review section of the August/September 2021 issue called “Off the Shelf.” It was authored by John MANS. Excerpt below:

“So skillfully and articulately written, this book will transport the reader inside the undercover operations, allowing them to feel as if they were in that moment themselves. Undercover is an absolute fantastic read.”

John MANS, retired Detective-Sergeant.

Link to FULL BOOK REVIEW: https://www.blueline.ca/undercover/

The Scott Thompson Show – Global News Radio [900CHML]

I spoke with Hamilton Spectator columnist and host of the Global News radio show on 900 CHML about the history of violence in Hamilton’s underworld. Interview starts at the 15:10 mark.

Link: https://omny.fm/shows/scott-thompson-show/pandemic-aftershock-in-education-mob-wars-and-unde

The Mike SMYTH Radio Show – 980 CKNW [Vancouver]


It is always a pleasure being a guest on the popular radio broadcast: The Mike SMYTH Show on 980 CKNW. During this appearance I discussed Canadian organized crime, my book #Undercover and the ongoing violent gang wars in British Columbia. Interview starts at the 29:00 minute mark in the link above.

BEHIND THE CRIMES: An Undercover Legend Ensnares a Talkative Murder Suspect

Ajax man shot dead days before testifying at case of Pickering, Ontario home invasion. Story by METROLAND MEDIA GROUP crime reporter Jeff MITCHELL [based on the chapter devoted to covert operative Jack DANCEY – from my book #UNDERCOVER].

LINK to Story:



“At about 6-foot-6 and 300 pounds, decked out in biker support gear and multiple rings, DANCEY was as convincing as an undercover cop could be.”

Stephen METELSKY [quoted in Jeff MITCHELL’s column]

ON POINT with Alex PIERSON – Global News Radio Interview: We Pull Back the Veil on the Underworld

Discussing my new book UNDERCOVER with Alex PIERSON on February 11, 2021

Radio Interview segment with Alex PIERSON. The LINK to the Full Interview [starts at 31:30] below:


“It’s such a volatile career path, but nonetheless – fascinating. You get an inside look and inside information.”

Global News reporter Alex PIERSON commenting on the book UNDERCOVER

Mornings with SIMI: Global News Radio Interview 980 CKNW [Vancouver, B.C.]

Radio segment with Simi SARA on April 9, 2021: talking about my new book: UNDERCOVER

LINK to the Full Interview:


“The introduction to your story was so fascinating. True stories that will blow your mind. I sense a Netflix series here because I would watch that docuseries for sure.”

Radio host Simi SARA

CHCH MORNING LIVE Interview: Working “Undercover” – with Annette Hamm

I spoke with CHCH News Anchor Annette HAMM about my book UNDERCOVER on a segment of CH Morning Live on April 23, 2021. LINK to the full interview:


“This is a fascinating book.”

CH Morning Live News Anchor Annette HAMM
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