Out of the Cold – Cold Case file #4 [Blue Line magazine]

From 2013 to 2014 two violent sexual assaults occurred in Mississauga and Richmond Hill. When DNA linked both crimes to the same unknown offender, a joint taskforce was formed between police agencies in York and Peel. York police currently have one of the largest cold case sexual assault units in Canada.

Media conference at York Regional Police [photo: courtesy of YRP]

My full story in the November 2020 edition of Blue Line magazine: https://www.blueline.ca/digital-edition/

โ€œThis case is constantly being investigated. We are trying to leverage new forensic technologies and advancements to help further the investigation along and advance the case.โ€

Det. Sgt. James, YRP Cold Case Unit

Link to the YRP cold case page [with a 4-minute video about these two linked cold cases – produced by PRP and YRP].

Link here: https://www.yrp.ca/en/crime-prevention/Project-Blue-Light.asp

Author: stephengm333

Organized crime specialist, researcher and freelance crime writer.

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