UNDERCOVER: Stories from the underworld of law enforcement is NOW available at AMAZON.ca & AMAZON.com [and internationally]

“Metelsky has written a chilling new book that chronicles some of the most harrowing police undercover operations in Canadian and U.S. history.”

Brad Hunter, Toronto Sun crime columnist

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Reviews of UNDERCOVER:

“This is a fascinating book.”

Annette Hamm, CH Morning Live [CHCH] news anchor, Hamilton, ON.

“Undercover is excellent. Once you start, it’s impossible to put down.”

Cal Millar, award-winning Toronto Star crime writer and author

“Fascinating. You get an inside look and inside information.”

Alex Pierson, award-winning journalist and Global News radio host [On Point], AM 640, 900 CHML and AM 980 News [Toronto, ON.]

β€œThe introduction to your story was so fascinating. True stories that will blow your mind. I sense a Netflix series here because I would watch that docuseries for sure.”

Simi Sara, Global News radio host of ‘Mornings with Simi’ on 980 CKNW [Vancouver, B.C.]

β€œSo skillfully and articulately written, this book will transport the reader inside the undercover operations, allowing them to feel as if they were in that moment themselves. Undercover is an absolute fantastic read.”

BLUE LINE Magazine [book review of Undercover]


Undercover is a vivid collection of the harrowing journeys of covert operators who ventured into a dark underworld to infiltrate the most dangerous criminals lurking within.  Their death defying experiences will give the reader a front row seat to stories rarely shared by those involved in one of the most volatile occupations.

A vast array of criminal genres are documented, ranging from the hunt to kill cartel leader Pablo Escobar, homicides and murder for hire, Canadian mobster Vito Rizzuto, the infiltration of biker gangs and traditional organized crime, the FBI’s operation Donnie Brasco, surreptitious installation of listening devices, New York mob boss Paul Castellano, biker clubhouses, the Gambino crime family, bombs and terror plots, crack houses, near-death experiences, drug and gun trafficking, to taking down psychopathic hitman Richard β€œThe Iceman” Kuklinski – and more.

Through interviews with operatives from the United States and Canada, the author has documented the most adrenaline-inducing accounts in Undercover of the men and women immersed in a world riddled with deception, murder, and mayhem.

Author: stephengm333

Organized crime specialist, researcher and freelance crime writer.

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